IOANA (pronounced yo-ah-nah*) is an energetic company (person) with a wide range of art and design projects.

The goal is to inspire curiosity and the imagination, through sensory and spatial experience: be it educational, political, social, sustainable, community oriented, and/or just fantastically beautiful.



Be either in an outdoor or indoor public space, or on TV (the virtual public realm).

Be subtly symbolic;
Be context-site related;
Inspire curiosity (educational);
And/or be thought (doubt) provoking.

Be interactive;
Be at a scale that is larger than the self;
And/or be spatial (not an object, or if an object, then a field of objects).

Be fun;
Be humorous or clever;
And definitely engage all ages and comprehension abilities.



Principal IOANA URMA is an artist and LEED AP (green/sustainability) California registered architect with degrees from MIT and Cornell University (in architecture and interior design, with studies also in urban design and landscape architecture).

She is mostly a self-taught artist, with a deep interest in psychology and how people perceive and understand themselves and the things around them. As an architect, Ioana has worked as designer on projects up to 2km long, and individually managed the design/implementation of built projects up to $11,000,000, always meeting budgets and deadlines.

Ioana has taught design and architecture at Art Center College of Design, Otis College of Art & Design, Roger Williams University, and Boston Architectural College; she has served as invited juror on reviews at MIT, Harvard, RISD, CalPoly Pomona, Woodbury, Art Center, Otis, Wentworth, Roger Williams, and BAC; she has lectured on design topics at USC AME, BAC, Jerde and Otis.

Her art/design has been recognized nationally by the Americans for the Arts, won an international design competition, been a semi-finalist in an NSF competition, and has been featured on TV in the news, in commercials, and on various shows.

Born in Romania, Ioana emigrated to LA as a child and moved to Boston as a teen. She has also lived in Ithaca (NY), Princeton (NJ), Durham (NC), Denmark and Germany.

*For the difficult Romanian pronunciation version(s), listen here.