IOANA: Moonrise Kingdom Fan Art Posters - One is a winning design IOANA: Studies for Long Beach Gas & Oil Banners IOANA: Concept/Pilor TV Show Posters IOANA: Girl Mary Book Launch and Romanian Films Posters IOANA: Girl Mary Book Launch Invite IOANA: Discover North Long Beach Street Banners IOANA: Long Beach Lawn to Garden Program 405 Sign IOANA: Technovation Challenge Poster IOANA: Concept/Pilor TV Show Posters IOANA: Iridescent Year End Summary Poster

(cultural) event publicity

This page features a series of unrelated banners, street signs, posters and invitations used to advertise various artistic, green, city-wide, private or non-profit events and their achievements.

The graphic representation is strongly based in the concept of the work or event advertised. Often the designs are accompanied by a myriad of studies to try to understand what the client is imagining. There are many different ways to illustrate a subject, each with varying strengths, meanings and interpretations. One needs simply to choose.

The basic premise is to create an image that captivates and focuses the attention, while making one curious to attend.

Suggestive note to clients: less text on a poster or invitation is better (unless there are two pages). Lengthy descriptions confuse and take away from the main message of: What? When? Where?

FOCUS FEATURES: Moonrise Kingdom fan art - international contest winning entry (2012).
LONG BEACH GAS & OIL: “National Gas Utility of the Year” building banner (2013).
UNDISCLOSED PILOT TV SHOW: “Sleep...” TV show poster & logo (2010).
ICRNY, SEEFest & BLUE HERON FOUNDATION: Girl Mary book launch poster and invite, Romanian film festival poster (2009).
LONG BEACH REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY: “Discover North Long Beach”treet banner (2011).
LONG BEACH GAS & OIL: “Lawn to Garden Program” freeway side sign (2013).
IRIDESCENT: “Technovation Challenge” and “Year End” posters (2010-2012).

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Moonrise Kingdom Greeting Card

Ioana Urma’s Moonrise Kingdom FYC Ad was one of the 8 film contest grand-prize winners

In order of appearance: Focus Features, Long Beach Gas & Oil, Undisclosed Pilot TV show, ICRNY/ SEEFest/ Blue Heron Foundation, Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, Iridescent

Ioana Urma