IOANA: Ohana Media Brochure IOANA: Ethers Phone App Logos IOANA: Long Beach Gas & Oil Logo IOANA: Factual Website Graphics IOANA: Iridescent, Technovation Challenge, and Curiosity Machine Logos IOANA: Curiosity Machine Phone App and Website IOANA: USC Megacities Web Banner IOANA: USC Megacities Logo, and New Generation Energy Sticker IOANA: Blue Heron Foundation Marketing Material IOANA: Maryann Thompson Architects Logo, Website, and Marketing Material IOANA: Cornell University College of Human Ecology Stationary, Private Party Invitation, Business Card and Logo IOANA: DM Berg Logo, WS Logo/Business Card


This page features a variety of graphic branding material in the form of logos, business cards, stationery, advertisements, website design, and flyers/handouts for various businesses and non-profits.

Started at Cornell, in undergrad, on the design of the college stationary, this venture was restarted years later when Maryann Thompson opened her new architecture office in Cambridge, MA and needed a new identity. Requests from several other small businesses followed.

More recent work includes material for the LA based K-12 science educational non-profit Iridescent, USC, Ohana Media, New Generation Energy and the Blue Heron Foundation.

The observable difference between the variety of colors and shapes on each project result from the fact that they are distinct entities and need to be appropriately represented as such.

OHANA MEDIA: Brochure (2010).
ETHERS: Phone app/game logos (2013).
LONG BEACH GAS & OIL: New logo options & reworking of existing logo (2013).
FACTUAL: Website graphics (based on their existing logo) (2012).
IRIDESCENT: Main logo and logos for various programs (2008-2012).
USC MEGACITIES: Website banner & program logo (2010).
NEW GENERATION ENERGY: Marketing sticker (2011).
BLUE HERON FOUNDATION: Flyers for events (2009-2012).
MARYANN THOMPSON ARCHITECTS: Logo, stationary design, business cards, website design, advertisements, handouts/portfolio (2001-2004).
DM BERG: Logo (2005).
PRIVATE COMMISSIOS: Logos (2004-2012).

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More branding material for IRIDESCENT on this page.

In order of appearance: Ohana Media, Iridescent, Long Beach Gas & Oil, Factual, USC, New Generation Energy, Blue Heron Foundation, Maryann Thompson Architects, Cornell University, DM Berg + several private commissions.

Ioana Urma*
*(The rightmost Long Beach Gas & Oil logo was a reworking of their existing logo.)

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