IOANA: Iridescent Mentoring Graphic, and USC nPF STC Program Diagram IOANA: SERRF Trash to Power Graphic, and Iridescent’s Convergent vs Divergent Questions Illustration IOANA: Convergent vs Divergent Questions Illustrations IOANA: Kaiser LAMC Utilization Management Infographic IOANA: Funding Infographic, and Operations Engineering Illustration IOANA: Understanding Science Diagram IOANA: Iridescent Programs and People Organizational Graphic IOANA: Iridescent Programs Infographic IOANA: Diagrams for USC nPF STC NSF Proposal


This page features a variety of graphic diagramming, conceptual illustration or infographic projects, created for use in newsletters, educational videos, and big (NSF) proposals; and as explanatory advertisements or marketing material.

Clear conceptual diagrams are very important in communicating in today’s highly visual, fast paced climate. This means translating a lot of (verbal and factual) information into an image that can, at first glance, capture the big idea.

The process is very analytical. Decisions must be made as to which facts to include and which facts to leave out, and how to organize all the remaining facts in a comprehensive way, so they can easily be digested, and are not overwhelming.

The audience is also a key factor in the design. Who is looking at this and for how long: children, adults, specific professionals? This affects the amount of detail included, the colors, and the forms.

IRIDESCENT: Mentoring graphic for general information (2013).
USC ENGINEERING: Program diagram for NSF proposal (2009).
SERRF: Activity infographic for advertisement (2013).
IRIDESCENT: Educational concept illustration for parents (2013).
KAISER PERMANENTE: Newsletter illustration (2010).
IRIDESCENT: Diagram for educational video (2012).
IRIDESCENT: Infographics of programs and people for organizational clarification (2012).
USC ENGINEERING: Diagrams for NSF proposal (2009).

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In order of appearance: Iridescent, USC Engineering, SERRF/City of Long Beach, Kaiser Permanente

Ioana Urma