IOANA: Left, Right, Solemnly We March IOANA: Text Posters IOANA: Nothing, but Work and Possible Memories IOANA: Flush It IOANA: Animal Graffiti IOANA: Hello, My Name Is... How Much You Got?

question-able art

This is an unrelated series of small artistic explorations based on social or political commentary and critique.

Left Right (Solemnly We March)
These T-shirts and print were created for the 2012 election year. They self-explanatorily describe the endless Left Right ”March“ which is going... nowhere / a continuum. The design is inspired graphically by Saul Bass’s Hitchcock film posters. They are still available for purchase as T-shirts or as a print. (2012)

Text Posters
This is a series of social critique posters created as ideas come. A few are available for purchase as prints. (2013)<

Nothing, but Work and Possible Memories
This was a philosophical exploration of a solution for the both the environment and the economy. The idea is that in order to earn money, we need to produce things. But those things often pollute the environment. This project thus produced something that is nothing: it simply packaged up air, but created work through the process. You can read about it more here. The box is still for sale. (2012) was created to advance the flushing of toilets in public spaces. The site consists of high-res downloadable graphics that people are encouraged to use to publicize clean toilet behavior. (2012)

Animal Graffiti
This art piece was created collaboratively with animals. The leaf was carved by aphids and the background layer is a drawing reinforcing snail trails. More can be learned about this project here. (2012)

Hello, My Name Is... How Much You Got?
A series of T-shirts with permanent introductory “Hello” stickers (and more abstract) were created as social commentary on the high-level of superficiality present in our finance obsessed society. The T-shirts are available for purchase. (2012)

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Left Right T-shirts
Left Right Print
Text Posters
“Hello” T-shirts

NOTHING, but work...


“Animal Graffiti” was in the group exhibit “Beyond Landscape,” at the Marin Community Foundation in Novato, CA, June - September 2012.

Ioana Urma

2012 - 2013