IOANA: Bike Rack for Music Recording Town IOANA: Nocturnus Consociationibus IOANA: Flood, See, Nothing


This is an unrelated series of proposals for public art projects.

Bike Rack for Music Recording Town
Shaped like records, the bike racks intended to bring the city’s music history spatially to life with the information placed on them.

Each rack was painted in the colors that represent a particular music celebrity; and each rack contained on it information relating to a mundane event in that celebrity’ life at the particular place in the city where it would be located. Example: “April 9, 1965: Willie Nelson bought a mop at the shop across the street from James Wilson.”

The big idea was to use the racks as an urban guide and also to bring celebrities down to earth.

This was designed for an RFP for Nashville, TN, but was too far out of the geographic range. Ioana has since, unsuccessfully, tried to interest other music recording cities in it.

Nocturnus Consociationibus (Noctural Associations): Poem Mobile
Playing on the festival’s theme of free association, this poetry mobile assembled and disassembled the activities of nocturnal animals - real nocturnal animals found in Georgia, and pretend nocturnal animals, humans. The project consisted of a very light and simple structure, painted black so that it was not very visible, off of which were hung glowing words cut out of semi-transparent white acrylic. The idea was to be immersed inside a glowing poem, a poem in constant motion, that people interact with and help create. The night has always been an inspiration for poetry.

The words of the poems were of 5 different types, so that an interesting poetic story could be created: 1. Nocturnal animals found in Georgia (Latin name), 2. Nocturnal animal activities, 3. Human names, 4. Human nighttime activities, 5. Words that conjure up impressions or association with the night.

Flood, See, Nothing: Sound Project

This was a proposal intended to highlight and romanticize the qualities of a particular place: the west facing train tracks crossing Mass Ave at MIT.

Between the perfectly majestic structures of “The Institute” and the downtown clamour of Central Square is this desert: the only place on/off campus that expresses freedom. Extending west into the sunset, long and reflective, the tracks suggest infinity, a journey, adventure. Surrounded by windowless early-to-mid 20th century industrial architecture, the site is a visually quiet place of reflection. The train hardly ever passes by, so most of the time, they are empty.

The project proposed to emanate the sounds of moving 19th century trains (steam, gear noises, whistles and blows) from the western direction, toward Mass Ave, to call attention to people crossing over the tracks to look into that direction and enjoy a moment of romanticized infinity. To further augment the rustic, open country feeling, the project also proposed to carry the dirt from the train track area across the street so that people would be crossing them over dirt rather than pavement.

After much research into its implementation (decibel levels, the sound quality, power source, funding) MIT & the MBTA did not grant it permission citing complicated safety and jurisdictional concerns.

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Ioana Urma

Location / Commissioning Agency:
Metro Nashville Arts, TN


Ioana Urma

Location / Commissioning Agency:
FLUX Night, Atlanta, GA


Ioana Urma

Train Sounds:
Green Frog, Ltd

MIT Campus / Cambridge / MBTA Railway, MA