IOANA: Bio-Organic Watercolors IOANA: Bio-Organic Watercolors IOANA: Bio-Organic Watercolors IOANA: Bio-Organic Watercolors IOANA: Bio-Organic Watercolors IOANA: Bio-Organic Watercolors IOANA: Bio-Organic Watercolors IOANA: Televised, Interactive, Solo Watercolor Exhibit at the Hollywood Library IOANA: Televised, Interactive, Solo Watercolor Exhibit at the Hollywood Library IOANA: Watercolor in Santa Clarita Art Stop Public Art Project

bio-organic narrative painting

Painting a narrative, painting freely can be a way out of defined reality, as each time a new world is created where things can happen unexpectedly, sparking mystery and curiosity. The watercolor medium, with its independent personality and unpredictable behavior, is the perfect means for this exploration.

Painting watercolors entails a collaboration of the artist with a living medium that he cannot control, or erase. The act delicately clings to a state of mind - zen - that can allow for this collaboration to happen fruitfully

“The painter’s business thus is not just to copy or imitate, but to give to the object something living in its own right.” -D.T. Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture

What can these paintings bring you? The discovery of something new everyday. The dream of a faraway journey not yet embarked upon. A newly found relationship with the natural world at a scale yet to be determined. Vacation into the inner self. Adventure.

Look closely, and observe the mixed miniscule bonds between colored particles, or stand back far away and become absorbed by a strangely balanced yet inviting landscape. Do faces appear out of the chaos of forms? Do shapes embrace each other only to turn away disturbingly a passage later?

Though seemingly abstract, these bio-organic shapes, influenced by an attraction to the natural world, are in fact very familiar. The hues - bright, intense, and descriptive - are highlighted observations of the everyday, processed and reassembled.

I started painting watercolors by chance and circumstance, not by choice. By choice I would have started with oils, since that is what I admired and had seen in person. I was introduced to watercolors in 1993, in a course on sketching architecture and streetscapes, while studying abroad in Denmark. We were given minimal direction and minimal pigments - only red, blue, and yellow - the primary colors, from which all other colors can be created. This taught me to explore, and to learn to mix new colors quickly, which, in painting watercolors, is absolutely necessary.

I also chose to start painting watercolors first because of cost. On a student (budget) trip to Latvia, I bought a very good set of Russian paints which lasted me 10 years. A little pigment can go a long way when you add water. I have also used the same brush I got in Denmark for almost 20 years (though I bought a few others later on). All you really need for painting (and art in general) is imagination.

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5” x 10” to 12” x 16”
(Most of the vertical ones are older and smaller, because a watercolor sheet would be cut in half to save money.)

Please contact for availability of originals.

1. “Ligne et Couleur” Group Exhibit. April 2012, Paris, FRANCE

2. “Right Side / Left Side” Solo Exhibit. October 2010 - June 2011, Blankspaces, LA, CA

3. “Postcards From the Edge” AIDS Benefit Group Exhibit. January 2011, CRG Gallery, NYC, NY

4. Salonul Internațional Artis 2010 Group Exhibit. October 2010, Bucharest, ROMANIA

5. “Postcards From the Edge” AIDS Benefit Group Exhibit. January 2010, ZieherSmith Gallery, NYC, NY

6. “Landscapes & Personalities: What Do You See?” Televised (news video) Solo, Interactive Exhibit. October 2009, Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Library, CA. Visitors had an opportunity to name the paintings.. (event photos)

7. UCLA Extension Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit. June - July, 2008, UCLA, LA, CA

Some of these (and other) watercolors have been featured in the following commercials, rented out mainly through Wallspace:
1. DIRECT TV (January 2012)
2. BMW (UK) (November 2011)
3. EPSON (June 2011)
4. CHEF BOYARDEE (August 2010)
5. CHARTER CABLE (July 2010)
6. iPHONE (June 2010)

Santa Clarita Art Stop Project - Enlarged Watercolor in Bus Transit Station. September - October 2010, Santa Clarita, CA

1. Ileana Costea, “Prezența Californiei la Salonul InternaĊ£ional ARTIS 2010 din București,” CLIPA, Anaheim, CA, November 13, 2010.

2. Tudor Petrut, “Acuarele, Apă și Culoare Vie,“ Gândacul de Colorado, Estes Park, CO, November 7, 2009.

Ioana Urma